Jan 16, 2013

Haruka's of / Abe during the Japan's highest build

Abeno Harukasu isn't known very much in Japan so far,
but it is in the highest building in Japan on October 1.

An office floor will innovate the latest style of the highest products.

It is the Japan's highest,
but a world rank is about 80.

In fact, there aren't many skyscrapers in Japan.

I think that it isn't like because a lot of earthquakes and
the construction  method is very strict and need more cost.

I don't know the truth.

A nostalgic streetcar runs in front of the building.
Opposite side has the shopping mall.

Tennoji was "country-like deserted urban atmosphere",
Historic Japan, nostalgic Japan and high technology is mixed by urban development recently
First temple "Shitenno-ji Temple"  of the Japanese Buddhism(Built in 593).

"Tobita-shinchi Area" of the biggest in Japan was a red-light district.

"Airin area" is the town of the worker and dangerous area.
(but this area's hotel is cheap)

There is the big hot spring facilities "spa world" too.
(it is issued by "Michelin green guide Japan"
which French Michelin Corporation publishes for an overseas tourist.)

There are a zoo and  art museum, too.


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