Dec 4, 2012

YURU-character champion Bary-san

Bary-san won at the national YURU character meeting.

Imabari-Shi  Ehime  Japan is famous for a grilled meat on a stick.
so Imabari-shi made bird character.
I didn't know about Imabari famous a grilled meat on a stick.


Bary-san borned and grow up in Imabari-Shi.
wear a stomach band of the towel cloth and have a wallet of the form of the ship of the special order.

Hobby  : Eating tour
              Stomach band collection

Tall       : 150cm

Weight  :150kg  (150cm around the waist)

Birthday: August 3

Gender  : Unknown

Age       : Unknown

Like      :A grilled chicken on a stick
              Saving money

Talent : Go to bed early

Character : Kind but other city have a littile bit strong imagenation,
                   becouse spoken Imabari language sound strong.
                   but never upset to people.

Dream : want to tell all people about Imabari-Shi.

When Kumamon won the champion at the last meeting, Bary-san was the second.
Kumamon was able to aim at 2 consecutive victories.
but the original purpose is regional vitalization
so Kumamon declined this time.
Kumamon gived a place of the activity to other characters.

Hiko-nyan declined to join in a meeting too.
becouse Hiko-nyan have been overwhelming popularity.

A meeting promoter think a popular character don't monopolize a high rank too.
so all champions don't take part in second time.

We think bary-san is cute than Kumamon.
What does everybody think?

Which character will win next time?

Hiko-nyan/ yuru-character


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