Dec 28, 2012

sony playstation3 / RESIDENT EVIL6

I bought PS3 now.
It is a reward for hard work.

Wii U is released on a large scale for (New Year's holidays) for Christmas,
New Year holidays,

I was  very attractive lineup, I didn't know which to choose,Will U or PS3.
I chose PS3.

A model of 250GB in capacity cut in price in 24800yen (the list price).

The software which purchased biohazard 6 (RESIDENT EVIL6)

※In the country without Japan, the "biohazard" series becomes the title called "RESIDENT EVIL".
A name "BIOHAZARD" has been already registered a trademark of in a country without Japan.

 As for me, the winter vacation is a plan absorbed in a game.

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