Dec 5, 2012

Ramen , gyoza ,fried chicken =O-sho

A super popular food shop is O-Sho.
It is Kyoto origin shop which expands nationwide.
But the Kanto area have a few stores for the moment.

A very popular comedians are big fan shop,
(becouse they are from Osaka)
so recently TV often feature about O-Sho.
A reson is low-price,substantial quantity,and delicious.
Each shop are original menu.
(Corn potage bowl and so on)

Especially a popullar menu are gyoza and fried chicken.

You can order only mlnele original order too.
For exmple : how to grill.

This is Tenshin-ramen.

This is a rice version.
It is a gyoza.

The price is 500-900 yen,
and a product is completed basically within five minutes after ordering it.
You want to save money, but want to eat a delicious food.
It is good "O-sho" for you.

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