Dec 17, 2012

Japanese culture Fukubukuro "lucky bag”

Japanese culture "Fukubukuro" It is sell New year's or opening shop.

A many goods (cloth sweets toy and so on) fill in bag. and cant see inside, so basically the contents are unknown and more valuable than the actual total price, therefore customers can expect it as a kind of gamble on how useful and valuable are the contents they can get.

 Recently it is a unique bag too. An "experience" Fukubukuro offers a tour of the construction site. one of department,is going to sell a Fukubukuro that offers two round-the-world trips.

Deluxe lucky bags are full of dreams the very popular Fukubukuro needs pre-order or have to get a rearranging ticket of the sale day.

Answer is Fukubukuro = lucky bag or mystery bag. It is sold as this bag in USA and Asia right?

I went to the new opening shop.

I bought lucky bag for 1000 yen. It was a sweets for 2000 yen in the bag. I got very satisfied, I was disappointed with only one.

This lemon pop sweets is very bad.

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