Dec 18, 2012

In Japan, you can eat ramen in a doughnut shop

It is a Yumcha set of Mister Donuts.

There is this set from old days,but I still feeling of wrongness.
Why is it a Donuts and ramen?
However this ramen is very delicious. Very mysterious.

The ramen of the photo is Tantan-men ( Dandan noodles / Szechuan Style Sesame Hot Noodles).
I did a questionnaire to my friends.
They answered that Tantan-men isn't good,
but the common ramen is good.

A steamed meat bun and the shoa-mai (steamed meat dumplings) are frozen food,
but it is good.
Because frozen food of Japan is delicious.
Off course Donuts are delicious too.

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