Dec 3, 2012

cheap cosmetic and good products

It is the drugstore which is many in the Kansai area.
(Osaka, kyoto, Hyogo,Wakayama,Nara, Shiga=Kansai area)

There is much in Osaka.

Daikoku is assortment of goods same as other drugstores.
But Daikoku is very cheap.
and cheap cosmetics &nail too

It is extreme popi;arity that a package are vert cute.

The function is good too.

This is socks of the prevention of swelling.
It is popular for the woman of the office worker.

Moisturizer mask.
It will prevent the drying of my throat and skin.
Ex) in an airplane or long-distance bus dry place.

For example, you buy sweets for 140 yen in a convenience store,
but here is about 100 yen.

Store sale medicine ,sweets and so on.

We introduced new sweets on blog
You remember it and recommended maker?

Yes, Bourbon maker.

A sweets of bourbon maker is sale in here.


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  2. Hi !!!

    Thank you.
    sorry I didnt realize your comment so far.
    I will write new articles.
    If you have request topic, please notice me.