Nov 19, 2012

Japanese Style BBQ Yakiniku (grilled beef)

Ume-shin is Yakiniku shop.

I went to the grilled beef shop in the downtown (Teramachi Street) of Kyoto.

This is the shop which has been introduced by TV.

This shop offer fresh meat and hormone.

A cattle piece and the name of the part of the meat are written on s sighnboard.

The sauce is sweet and hot.

When you order meart and hormone, choose salt or sauce.

A net was small,
I can't put much meat on the top.

It is very delicious.

A price isn't expencive.

A menu have the beef bowl ,too ( like Yoshinoya)
It is good to eat at lunch time.

I went to the shop at 17:00 of Saturday.
A holiday has basically many people.

I think If you go to the shop,
it is best time during from 17:00 to 18:00  or late time.

Ume Shin
lunch time:11:30 to 14:00
dinner : 17:00 ~
regular holiday: on Monday

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