Nov 29, 2012

delicious festival " Hokkaido" / Japanese food

There are many celebrity shops to handle delicious food
in the department store basement of Japan.

Sometimes time-limited food exhibitions held at a special place.
I went to it.
This time was Hokkaido food.

Hokkaido's marine products are very delicious.
So a sea foods sushi bowl is the most best in Japan.
If you don't like a row fish sea urchin and salmon row.
Possibly you change your mind than you will eat Hokkaido's row fish and so on.
Impulsively delicious!!!
Hokkaido's a dry fish is different other things.
I think that it is  soft and have an exquisite seasoning with salt.
We recommend it.
Hokkaido do dairy husbandry and farming industry
So a lot of delicious milk product, cake and sweets.
We tasted souffle,cheesecake and so on.

This is Samurai-pudding.
one is about 380yen.

It is potato chips of chocolatier ROYCE of Hokkaido.
When I looked it first time
I thought "Is it good?"
Yes, It is good.

This is one croquette 400yen!!!
I told staff "expencive"
The staff did discount for me.
I thought about buy or not, then I didn't buy it.

All of steak bento look delicious.
My cowrker bought it and said that meet is very juicy,softly and delicious.

This is just an aside.
WR have a common view that Hokkaido's ramen is the NO.1

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