Nov 6, 2012

A sweets of Rilakkuma

I found a sweets of Rilakkuma at a convenience store.
I bought it, becouse a package was very pretty.

This is chocolate of the lemonade taste.
I don't like taste very well.

This is chewing candy of the orange yogurt taste.
(feeling like high chu)
It was delicious.

This name is Elise.
Custard pudding taste.
(It is a famous sweets in Japan)
As for Bourbon of the maker,all sweets are delicious.
I have no eaten a sweets of bad Bourbon so far.
Bourbon is extreme popularity among us.

I found it at other convenience store.
It is potato chips.
I was eating it while writing this article.

This is a sponge cake.
A taste....
I haven't eaten it yet.

The sweets of the different kind is still released.
So I want to introduce you if I find new sweets.

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