Oct 20, 2012

Malian Bell Kyoto-style cafe

I went to the cafe which opened near a Nishiki  market of Kyoto.
There is the head office in NY
and Malian Bell opens a store only in Kyoto in Japan.
The house in the town is redecorated into a cafe and is a very splendid atmosphere.
The cafe become the Western taste and directed mysterious space again.

we ordered three kinds of pancakes
It is caramel,chocolate,powdered green tea
The price is high, but it was delicious.

A many chocolate and tea sell in here.
This space among the antique furniture is wonderful, too.
All the cases are chocolate.
I wanted to eat them (lol)

There are a lot of cafes of such a style recently in Kyoto.
I want to introduce it if there is an opportunity.

83 Tsuchiya-cho 3 jyo kudaru Yanagiba, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

OPEN:am10:00-pm7:00 HOLIDAY:tuesday

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