Oct 18, 2012

KAMATAMA Udon / Japanese food

I was troubled WhetherI ate ramen or udon?
then I decided to eat udon.
Have you eaten udon?
udon is stomachic, we eat it when we have a cold or stomach upset.
Osaka and the neighboring states people often eat udon
As for the person of other states, in Osaka's udon is delicious.

Order methods are different by a shop.
we order this shop at an entrance and receive a udon on the tray.
after go to the cash register.

It seem delicious an egg, I ordered it.

you can choose tempura for preference.
From the left, it is the tempura of the cuttlefish,tempura of prawns,lotus root tempura and a mixture of vegetables and other ingredients fried in batter.
We chosed the tempura of the cuttlefish and tempura of prawns.

 This udon is KAMATAMA Udon.
Oh, you eat raw egg?
They without a custom to eat raw were surprised very much.
The Japanese egg does considerably severe hygiene management.
The eggs didn't pass inspection which haven't at store.

The price are 400 yen - around 500 yen including tempura.

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