Sep 15, 2012

Pocky etc. convenience store sweets

I read a comics while eating a sweets,watching DVD and stay up late for me.
That's way I introduce because I bought some of convenience store sweets.
It is strawberry Pocky of kawaii package and panda package.

(panda Pocky is a cookie cream taste.)

This  Pretz isOkonomiyaki taste.
Osaka of the natinal local serise.

Takenokonosato,a brand of Japanese chocolates shaped like bamboo sprouts.
( English name : Chococones )
Takenokonosato. I loveit.

Takenokonosato faction was divided into Takenokonosato and Kinokonoyama ( English name : Chocorooms ) in Japan.
Takenokonosato is popular than Kinokonoyama. but I heard Kinokonoyama is popular in overseas.
How about everybody?


  1. Hello!
    I like the Takenokonosato.

  2. Hi Rya
    Thak you for message.
    I like it too!!!

  3. Hello! Thank you for everybody comment.
    I introduce a Japanese sweets from now on.