Sep 20, 2012

Japanese food ODEN

Speaking of a Japanese winter meal, it is ODEN.

ODEN is one of the food boiled and seasoned dishes.
It is classified in food in a pot.
It is the dish which a Japanese radish, a tubular fish meat, a konnyaku, a boiled egg put ingredient materials of various ODEN in the juice which soup with soy sauce and stewed.
The kind of ingredient materials and the sauce varies according to an area and home.

When sale of ODEN of the convenience store begins, I feel a summer season end.
Sale was started since it became slightly cool, but found the convenience store which began ODEN sale beginning of September.
*In September, Japan is still hot.

ODEN of the convenience store is delicious.

It is one 70-200 yen.

There is a way to choose the ingredient materials by oneself or to order it the staff.
When you ask the staff,Please give me a lot pf soup(oshiru wo takusan irete kudasai). then you can get it.

When you choose by yourself, you put ingredient materials and soup in a cup freely and then you take it at the cash register.
Please be careful spill drop.

I get mustard or the citron pepper of the spice, but first you should try it only just a little first, because a foreign have different taste.
When  the person who is not used to Japanese spice fully it, maybe you will get into hot water.
So please take care.

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