May 29, 2013

High technology of japanese vending machine

A lot of vending machines which are high technology are in Japan.

This time I saw a vending machine ,

so I want to introduce a little it.

It is type of vending machine that you can  buy a drink with cell-phone
I don't understand how to use.
*it can use money too.

A Japanese cell-phone is a very high technology,
it can do various how to use.

but I am weak high tecnology.

The right-side is a wallet function,
I dont know how to buy  the middle and the infrared  of the left .

There is just somuch else high tecnology of vending machine.
I can't buy a drink in the near future lol

May 28, 2013

Mystic beauty ~Ise-jingu~

I went to Ise-jingu of Mie and  meet a friend today.

After all "Ise-jingu" to dominate as the Japanese best Shinto shrine is solemn.
The history is about 2000years.
It is about one hour 50 minutes by a limited express train from Osaka-Uehommachi Station (the first train) to Iseshi Station of Mie.
There is no transfer.
The price is 3,030 yen.
*There is Geku of Ise-jingu Grand Shrine in front of Iseshi Station.

The station which is near to Naiku is Uji-Yamada Station.
When you return to Kyoto or Osaka because can get on all trains,
this station is very convenient.

When go by rapid express(kaisokukyuko); two hours.
The price is 1,750 yen.
In Ise-jingu Grand Shrine, it was founded Naiku in B.C. 4.
Geku was founded for 478 years.

Geku and Naiku are in Ise-jingu Grand Shrine.
At first, as for the major shrine worship,
Geku is a custom from ancient times.

When you move from Geku to Naiku, you can move by bus.
It has very distance to walk.

*you can get good charm (love , safety of your family and so on)

Toyouke-oomikami worshiped by Geku is all guardian angels of food, clothing and shelter.

Naiku: Amaterasu-oomikami
In God of the ancestor of the Imperial Family,
it is Japanese total patron saint.
So it is the major shrine which is really special for a Japanese.

May 26, 2013

551 Horai Gravy Buta-man

I introduce B kyu-gurume  "551 Horai" this time.
*B kyu-gurume =delicious cheap food

Recently our blog introduce about many cheap food .lol
Becouse Osaka are many cheap food.

You can eat delicious food in Tokyo,
but it is very expensive and difficult to look for a cheap and delicious shop.

551 Horai is the representative shop in Osaka.
551 Horai have 61 stores, only Kansai area.
A steamed meat bun(Buta-man) is very popular .
When you bite into one, broth comes out.
Other food (meatball and bento and so on) are very good.
(Kansai people call Buta-man , Kanto people call Niku-man.
 Kansai's Niku-man use beef)

The shop is particular about dough.
It cook dough every morning at the head office(Osaka)
and send it out to each area.
A dough's fermentation time  is limit 150minutes.
The shop think  offer customer  delicious dough is 150 minutes.
So the shop haven't store in Kanto area.

Renctly the shop sell Buta-man on net.

May 14, 2013


A new bamboo was released on Oct 3th 2013.

A tablet is intuos5 too.
If you have a budget, I recommend an intuos5.

The bamboo is a cheap edition of the intuos5.
However, it is easy to write even a bamboo and enough functions.
As for the person who has used the pen tab of other makers,
the person is surprised about easy to write.

Now,there are two kinds to a bamboo.
It is bamboo fan and bamboo comic.

Bamboo fan is suitable for image processing and illustrations.
There are Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter Essentials and others software

Bamboo comic is suitable for illustrations.
There are  IllustStudioMini and ComicStudioMini or other software.

The price is more inexpensive some bamboo comic.

I didn't  have Photoshop, so I bought bamboo fan.
A photoshop is  expensive than the USA.

*Attention: Bamboo fan &comic's software  is only Japanese.

May 9, 2013

Kawaii Hime-kei (princess style) mirror

The product will exhibit in the Japan Expo.

We make Kawaii products for Expo.

so we will introduce Kawaii products in this blog.

PETITBON made Hime-kei(princess style) mirror.

*PETITBON: waka ueda's artist name.

PETITBON make a lot of hime-kei products.
It is all handmade, PETITBON can't make the same thing.
so the one and only in the world.

By the way,  we want to sale Kawaii products in general shop of  Paris
and make a book about sweets decoration and so on.

If you intrest it, please say something to me.